Etsy the first time around 

A few years agoI had decided to get back into jewelry making. It was something I had enjoyed very much when I was a young adult but as time went on less and les time was available for it.

Since I hadn’t beaded in so long I had to start over. So I went and got a few tools and was just grabbing all different kinds of beads. I didn’t even know what I was going to create I was just so excited to actually have found the time for something I loved.

After I had made quite a bit my husband ( A.K.A Cupcake)had praised my work. He asked what I was going to do with them, honestly I had no idea. I was just doing it cause I enjoyed it.I had no idea that you could sell your handmade crafts online year round. I honestly thought that you were only able to buy handmade stuff at craft fairs. I know it sounds laughable but that is what my naïve little mind thought. When Cupcake told me about etsy my mind was BLOWN!

So I did the next step, I opened an etsy store. I made my profile, picked a shop name, posted up a few items. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. 

So Little links was up, so all I thought I had to do was just sit back and watch my orders go out,Right?

WRONG! My shop totally bombed. I sold nothing. After 3 months of no activity on my page I was disappointed,discourage and I gave up. I mean who wants to fail.

Now I know that the reason I bombed was my own fault. I was expecting etsy to do all the work, when I was the one who was supposed to do the work. 

Just wait till my second go around with etsy!


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