Etsy about me Page

So here I am doing research on how to run an etsy store. I’m reading everything I can find on Pinterest, and Google. Honestly that’s all I really know how to use. I’m reading  tips and tricks for your etsy business. I’m taking notes as well as having amazing ideas on what to do for promotions and I’m feeling pretty confident.

Then comes the part where I have to write an about me page. I first thought I could do it. It’s going to be easy right? I was so so wrong. I get to the about me section and my mind goes completely blank, I have no idea what to write about myself! The. I come to the realization I’m a really boring person on paper. It’s at this point I’m having a complete panic attack. I’m trying to figure out how to explain who i am, with out sounding like a total fake or a total crazy person. Those were the two extremes in my head.

I couldn’t put anything better then what was already up there. which was : “My name is Cher i like to craft:

Totally lame, and i couldnt think of anything better, Maybe a few colorful adjectives (ah ah do you see what if did there ). Then finally i had my ah ha moment. I was in the middle of sanding my pieces for my pendants , i knew what to say. I Jumped on the computed and let the words flow from my finger tips to the screen.

It turned out so amazing!!!!! To be honest im not sure how many people go and check out the about page at etsy. I will admit i never did. Now that i know what a challenge it was foe me. I am definitely going to start checking out the about pages for the shops that i frequently check out.

Feel free to check it out, Please let me know what you think!



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