I did it!

So after i was able to get past my panicking of getting my “about me” page up for etsy. I was ready to rock and roll. I was ready to start posting what products i have. I was ready for the world to see me at my most vulnerable. I was in a sense naked to the world.

I had no idea what to post first, so i decided to take my favorite pieces and put those up first. Well the only problem with that was. I like everything i make. Ok maybe not everything. Out of everything that I have made I believe that I don’t like 5 of the things that i have made. So I chose a few things i had made when I started a few years ago, as well as a few things that i had made recently.

The Descriptions were a little difficult for me. I was having a hard time describing what was in front of me. I was trying to ask myself questions that a costumer would ask me. I was sounding so cheesy, but my words are one of the ways that i can make someone looking at my page understand what they could possibly be holding if they decide to purchase some thing.

I will admit when i would read a description, my reaction was “who talks like that?” or “who have i become?” all in joking fun of course. I vowed no negative thoughts this second time around.

But now my store is up, now all i have to do is kick back and watch my stuff fly out of my store. WRONG!!!!!!!!  I have a long way to go, and i now know that i will not be able to kick back. Im the one who has to put in the hard work, and I know it will pay off one day. 


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