Next step in the business world.

So I got my etsy store up, got the Instagram up,the Facebook is somewhat up. The only thing left to do is to make  some buissness cards.

Sounds simple right? Well turns out Not so simple. I wanted the perfect card, that caught people’s eyes, and something that was uniquely me.

I searched several different sites, looking through all the different designs. I knew that I wanted purple to be on the card. Mainly because purple catches people’s eye. This took a few days, and a few hours dedicated to the great search.

I finally came across the perfect card. It was purple, and eye catching. Bonus: it matched my personality. I showed my husband and the moment he saw it he said it was perfect. 

After placing the order, it had felt so surreal. It was officially official. I started my own business and there was no going back. Not that I wanted to.


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