ummm…. was that awkward?

So after i get my business cards, I’m feeling super accomplished. I remember turning to my husband and asking him. “Now what do i do?” His response ” you hand them out to people.”Then the realization that i have to give these out to people, that normally means that I have to talk to humans.

Now here’s a refresher. I am an introvert, I don’t like talking to people. It scares me, i get shy and i say weird things. I have no idea how to act normal around people. So the look of panic and horror on my face, must of been priceless.

I have a stack of cards in my wallet. We ended up going to Walmart. I get a little excited cause I’m thinking.” I am gonna hand out my cards. I am going to rock this, I am gonna talk to people”

So as were walking though Walmart I see this mother and daughter duo in the jewelry section, and I wanted to go up to them and give them my card. I have no idea what to say, my husband saw my wheels turning and he encouraged me to to go up to them and hand out a card. So I’m working up the courage, trying to figure out what to say, and trying to figure out if i should spark up a conversation. I’m 5 feet away from them ,and I cant do it. I mean what do you say “you font want to buy jewelry from this store, you should buy from me.” That doesn’t seem exactly nice to say. Do you just give them a business card and walk away. I have no idea how to act in this situation. (so if any one has any tips please let me know, muchly appreciated.)

I try to get my husband to give them my card, as he was about to they walked away. So of course I’m completely bummed, and disappointed in myself. So were walking though the store, and we keep running into this couple. She had this pastel pink hair, and some pretty cool tattoos.  They are laughing and having fun,and have such great energy. We passed them a few times and end up behind them at the register.

I’m thinking that this is it, this is my chance this is a sign. I go to reach for my wallet and notice my husband getting out of line. I figured that he forgot something. He ends up getting in a different line. I turn back around find the couple and I spark up a conversation with the pink hared lady, and i don’t have one awkward moment. I handed her my card, asked her to check out what I have and follow if she likes

As I’m walking away i get this warm prickly sensation. Just radiating though my body. I am so happy that I was able to talk to one person. I loved that prickly sensation, it felt so good. I’m not sure if I am even explaining what I felt correctly, but basically it was a sensation/feeling I had never felt in all my years.

To sum it up. I DID IT.


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