Unique items 

One thing that I have been doing since I started making jewelry is I won’t make a duplicate piece. I want all my jewelry to be one of a kind. I do this mainly with my necklaces. 

I feel that if a person knows that there piece of jewelry is unique and it catches someone’s eye and gets a few complements it is definitely a confidence booster.I make my jewelry that way, so when someone who asks you where did you get that? You can say I got it from Little Links Jewelry, it’s a unique piece.

A lot of my jewelry I don’t believe I would be able to duplicate. When I go out I’m constantly keeping my eye out for unique things that I can turn into a necklace. One of the places I do this at, are garage sales. I will keep an eye out for broaches. IF I come across one I like I will take it home and figure out how to turn it into something. Sometimes it will stay in my bead box until I get inspired to make it into something.


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