First weekly update 

So last week I said that I was going to to start letting everyone know what the past week has gone.

I thought I would try to glaze resin pieces cause I noticed some of my pieces have gotten a little dull. 

I came across a YouTube video about glazing charms. I really liked the way it made the persons charms look. They looked totally amazing ( here is the link of the video I’m talking about http://youtu.be/Lk1yIYSXJNo )

I only did one pendant cause I was terrified if it didn’t work and they would be ruined. I followed the tutorial exactly. After I put the duraclear coat on I was a little concerned because you could  still see the brush strokes. After it dried I got the floor cleaner ready. I will not lie, It smells like cat litter that hadn’t been changed in forever! I dunked the pendant in the floor cleaner, put it up to dry.

I checked the pendant, and I loved the way it shined but I was not a fan of being able to see the brush strokes. My husband did suggest dunking the pendant in the glaze. I will give that a try.

I also found a new mold that I will be trying soon. I’m mainly working on using the resin pieces I have before I start making more( I think I have a resin obsession). I also bought some more chain to make necklaces.

I found some adjustable rings in my supplies.I added some heart charms to. I’m thinking about making the rings available as a customizable item in my stay store. I will be working on that at the moment.

That is what my past week entailed. I hope everyone had a great week. 


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