Evolution  of my displays

It is now the end of craft fair season, at least for me. I have noticed over the past few months that my table has gone through a few changes. Ok more than a few. Like I  had said in the beganing that this was my journey starting up Little Links. I had to get established somehow, so I started my etsy store, as well as participated in a few craft fairs. Now I have taken you guys along for the ride!

So my first craft fair display was missing a table cloth. I also felt that the display kinda hid me and was difficult for me to connect with anyone that came to my table. I felt like i was popping out and scaring them. image1

My second craft fair i decided to get a table cloth. I wanted to stand out and grab peoples attention. I had chosen a bold pattern burlap, That i thought would complement my display boards. Once everything was set up, what i had envisioned was not in front of me. My area gave me a headach, i can only imgine what people who attended the craft fair thought!. It was way cluttered. I had also let my sister-in-law sell her bows at my booth, but no one really saw them. The display boards still hid me, the feeling of me not being acessable to people who stoped by was still there.img_2249img_2248


 The 3rd craft fair I decided to make my display a little more open and inviting. I only used  two of the displays. I chose the ones with the corners cut off for a somewhat fancy feel. I spread several of my necklaces across my table. A near by vendor had lent me a piece of white cloth cause she had mentioned that my pieces blended into my table cloth. 

There were a lot more visitors at my table this time around. I fully believe that it was because I was visible.


The last display ended the season for me, and it was by far my favorite one. I kept with using 2 boards. I used the two turquoise ones. I had found two necklace holders that were bright pink and a small earring holder that matched. I’m very proud of this display. I feel that it was crisp and clean, you could see everything. When you walked by something would catch your eye. You were able to see me. 

So since the craft fair season is over I have some more ideas for my booth next year. The one top of my list, get a new table cloth! Im planning on going with white since it will make my items pop!

I really look forward to next year. I may not have had a good season this year, but I knew that might if happened.


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