Craft fair blues

This past week and I did my second craft fair. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked it too. I did have fun, but I wish there was a little bit more activity at the craft fair. I met some amazing crafters who are genuinely nice people.

As far as sales , I did not so good. OK maybe I’m being a little modest here I did horrible. Honestly I didn’t even make enough to cover my booth.

I have came to a conclusion that maybe my booth has a lot going on. I’ve been thinking of a way to redo my presentation. 

I wanted a way to stand out. The peg board display might be a little much for some people, and the bright colors might be taking away from the individual beauty of my work.

As far as my scared to talking to people, I have overcame that and I spoke to every person that came by.  I had conversations with a lot of the people. The main thing I feel self-conscious about is not the visitors can smell the desperation on me and that is what scares them away from my booth.

I am determined not to let these hiccup discourage me from doing more craft fairs. I think I just need to be more of a where of the people who may be going to the event. I am taking this as a learning experience.

Th positive is, I made a few sales. I made some new connections. I had fun. I learned what I need to do differently.

week at a glance (weekly update #5)

So this is going to be a super quick post.


Thursday: I created some new resin pieces.

Friday: i assembled some new necklaces. I put my application in the mail for the Caring4Kids craft fair

Saturday: I wrote out dimensions for some of my pieces to get them ready for etsy

Sunday: I posted up a few items on etsy

Monday: I went and got some fabric to make into a tablecloth for my area at the craft fair. I also grabbed some new price tags.

Tuesday: i got my official letter from Caring4Kids letting me know that I have a space with them this weekend!

Wednesday: I took the night off and spent time with my family.

That was basically my week.It doesn’t look like a crazy week on paper (uh screen :/  ). This doesn’t account for the hours i was at work, or cooking for the family, or when I had to run out to the store for something.


Have a great week everyone!

Weekly update #4

Wow, this is way late! So the past two weeks have been super crazy.

I put the tutorial up for the display boards. I have been writing some descriptions. I have also gone through and repriced some items.

I have also registered for 2 craft fairs , but I have only got confermation for one.

The last craft fair I didn’t do so well, but I did have fun. My sister in law went with me and helped me.

DIY…. Jewelry Display Boards


Hello every one!! Im doing my first DIY post!!! These are some display boards that I had made for my craft fair. (today was the first day of the craft fair, and the other vendors  loved my displays) I made a total of 4 boards, these instructions will be for one board. Duplicate for as many you may need!

Items needed:

  • Peg board, any size will do, I used 30 x 23.5
  • 2- 19 inch wooden legs ( 1 x 1.5 board)
  • 2- 4 inch pieces of wood (1 x 1.5 board)
  •  2- Hinges
  • 4- small screws
  • 6- long screws
  • Spray paint, any color
  • Acrylic paint, any color
  • Skill Saw
  • Ruler
  • Paint brush
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits


Start out with the peg board. You can have the board be a square, or you can cut the corners off for a more decorative feel.  Take the two 4 inches pieces of wood and space them 10 inches apart on the front of the board, Make a few marks to show the position that they will be in.  To figure out the position needed to space them out in the back is when you place  the block on the front of the board, count how many holes down, and across, move the block to the back and screw into place, buy using the guide on the front.  Use 3 large screws for each.img_2191

Once both blocks are in place, attach the hinges. I measured the legs to be about 15 inches apart. Since my hinges are the same width as my legs, I measured  hinge to hinge. Once they are secured to the main board, screw in the legs . Stand them up to make sure they are sturdy.




Next comes the fun part!  Spray pant them any color that you want! I took the legs off for this part, and did front and back. That is something that you can decide . I wanted the legs of my boards to be alternate colors, so I had painted them separately with acrylic paint.



I have a black boarder around my displays, that I painted on with acrylic paint. Make your boards to match you!

Here is the finished product! You can also use dowel rods as pegs to hang jewelry with.




Weekly update #3

This past week has been very productive for me I believe. This past week and I made some amazing display boards, I am planning on putting a DIY tutorial.

 I also mailed out that letter a to gain my spot in the craft fair so now all I’m doing is getting things ready for the craft fair, I am figuring out how to transport my display boards and my jewelry on that way it’s a quick smooth the transition from Car to table. I got some price tags and a couple other like little display things that I’m going to do, Super excited to get everything together for this and I’m hoping that it’s a big hit.

My Etsy store on the other hand isn’t doing so well. I’ve had a lot of traffic to my page but no sales yet. But I am keeping my fingers crossed.

That’s all that’s been really going on with little links I’ve been making more jewelry you been doing a lot of sanding and making displays for the craft fair.

Weekly update #2

I have been quite busy with little links. I have him in posting a few things, been a little bit more active on social media.

The main thing that I have been focusing on has been sending down my rest in pieces that I will be making into necklaces add just making sure there’s no sharp edges on them that is the main thing that I have been focusing on in addition to the social media . 

Tomorrow I will be sending out my check to a lady who is in charge of a craft show. The dates for the craft show her the 29th and the 30th I’m very excited since this will be my first craft show with little links.

Time management

Since I have decided to start Little Links Jewelry, I have been struggling lately with time management. Not only do I have LLJ, I am a mother, and I have a paying full time job. 

My goal is to work on LLJ every night with one night off during the week . In the beginning I was able to stick to this schedule. I even dedicated days of the week to certain projects. 

As always life happens and at the end of September a lot of was going on. I was in the middle of switching jobs, I got sick (again). Because of this I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would like. 

The most important thing about starting out a business is managing your time. This is the one thing I’m determined to master, along with learning how to master S.E.O. I’ll save that for another post 😉.