Well the year is coming to an end. LLJ has had a lot of firsts.

I had wanted to give up so many times but I have gotten through this year just fine. Im ready for the next year and ready to grab all the opportunities that are in front of me. Making a hobby into a business is not an easy thing to do. Even though I have had some sales, I still consider this as a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, i would love to make LLJ my full time job. That is more of a 5 year plan than a one year plan.

I want to say thanks to all of my followers on social media, to my family who has encouraged me to keep going and not give up, to everyone who reads this blog thank you for taking time out of your day to do so and leaving comments.

Remember to keep dreaming, do what you love and always be kind!!!


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Small pep talk to myself (weekly update #6)

Hello everyone! First off I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that is following me on my journey navigating through trying to make my jewelry crafting into a business.

Over this past week i have done a lot of reflection. I have found that my ambitions and my wants to be a successful business entrepreneur have well, not been so easy. I do understand that it was going to be hard to start out, i just didn’t think that it would be THIS hard. My main goal was to see if i was able to sell my creations. What i have learned that in the past 6 months, what i thought (hoped) would happen, hasn’t happened. Thats OK, I need to keep telling myself this.

There are other reasons why you decided to start this journey! You wanted to try to break out of your shy, inverted shell. You wanted to be able to connect with people. Right now that is what you are doing, your putting yourself out there. Your putting a small part of yourself into your jewelry. Your reaching a small number of people with your blog posts. You have a Facebook page that is slowly getting likes. You have made a total of 4 sales. Yeah its only 4, But its something!



Weekly update #4

Wow, this is way late! So the past two weeks have been super crazy.

I put the tutorial up for the display boards. I have been writing some descriptions. I have also gone through and repriced some items.

I have also registered for 2 craft fairs , but I have only got confermation for one.

The last craft fair I didn’t do so well, but I did have fun. My sister in law went with me and helped me.


DIY…. Jewelry Display Boards


Hello every one!! Im doing my first DIY post!!! These are some display boards that I had made for my craft fair. (today was the first day of the craft fair, and the other vendors  loved my displays) I made a total of 4 boards, these instructions will be for one board. Duplicate for as many you may need!

Items needed:

  • Peg board, any size will do, I used 30 x 23.5
  • 2- 19 inch wooden legs ( 1 x 1.5 board)
  • 2- 4 inch pieces of wood (1 x 1.5 board)
  •  2- Hinges
  • 4- small screws
  • 6- long screws
  • Spray paint, any color
  • Acrylic paint, any color
  • Skill Saw
  • Ruler
  • Paint brush
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits


Start out with the peg board. You can have the board be a square, or you can cut the corners off for a more decorative feel.  Take the two 4 inches pieces of wood and space them 10 inches apart on the front of the board, Make a few marks to show the position that they will be in.  To figure out the position needed to space them out in the back is when you place  the block on the front of the board, count how many holes down, and across, move the block to the back and screw into place, buy using the guide on the front.  Use 3 large screws for each.img_2191

Once both blocks are in place, attach the hinges. I measured the legs to be about 15 inches apart. Since my hinges are the same width as my legs, I measured  hinge to hinge. Once they are secured to the main board, screw in the legs . Stand them up to make sure they are sturdy.




Next comes the fun part!  Spray pant them any color that you want! I took the legs off for this part, and did front and back. That is something that you can decide . I wanted the legs of my boards to be alternate colors, so I had painted them separately with acrylic paint.



I have a black boarder around my displays, that I painted on with acrylic paint. Make your boards to match you!

Here is the finished product! You can also use dowel rods as pegs to hang jewelry with.





Whats going on.

So this past week has been so horrible. I had gotten sick with this horrible head thing. My sinuses were plugged and so much pressure is there, my ears are clogged and I cant hear anything. So my poor kids and husband have been dealing with me yelling (or at least i feel like i am yelling). I have not really done any type of social media for little links cause i have just felt so crumby. So basically my life stopped, all i did was go into my paying job and come home.

So nothing really exciting happening with Little Links Jewelry .I did start thinking about doing weekly updates. and since this is kinda like an update the next one i will put up will be the next Wednesday. That way i can have more to bring to you guys.

I am feeling better and Ill talk you you guys next time!


ummm…. was that awkward?

So after i get my business cards, I’m feeling super accomplished. I remember turning to my husband and asking him. “Now what do i do?” His response ” you hand them out to people.”Then the realization that i have to give these out to people, that normally means that I have to talk to humans.

Now here’s a refresher. I am an introvert, I don’t like talking to people. It scares me, i get shy and i say weird things. I have no idea how to act normal around people. So the look of panic and horror on my face, must of been priceless.

I have a stack of cards in my wallet. We ended up going to Walmart. I get a little excited cause I’m thinking.” I am gonna hand out my cards. I am going to rock this, I am gonna talk to people”

So as were walking though Walmart I see this mother and daughter duo in the jewelry section, and I wanted to go up to them and give them my card. I have no idea what to say, my husband saw my wheels turning and he encouraged me to to go up to them and hand out a card. So I’m working up the courage, trying to figure out what to say, and trying to figure out if i should spark up a conversation. I’m 5 feet away from them ,and I cant do it. I mean what do you say “you font want to buy jewelry from this store, you should buy from me.” That doesn’t seem exactly nice to say. Do you just give them a business card and walk away. I have no idea how to act in this situation. (so if any one has any tips please let me know, muchly appreciated.)

I try to get my husband to give them my card, as he was about to they walked away. So of course I’m completely bummed, and disappointed in myself. So were walking though the store, and we keep running into this couple. She had this pastel pink hair, and some pretty cool tattoos.  They are laughing and having fun,and have such great energy. We passed them a few times and end up behind them at the register.

I’m thinking that this is it, this is my chance this is a sign. I go to reach for my wallet and notice my husband getting out of line. I figured that he forgot something. He ends up getting in a different line. I turn back around find the couple and I spark up a conversation with the pink hared lady, and i don’t have one awkward moment. I handed her my card, asked her to check out what I have and follow if she likes

As I’m walking away i get this warm prickly sensation. Just radiating though my body. I am so happy that I was able to talk to one person. I loved that prickly sensation, it felt so good. I’m not sure if I am even explaining what I felt correctly, but basically it was a sensation/feeling I had never felt in all my years.

To sum it up. I DID IT.


Next step in the business world.

So I got my etsy store up, got the Instagram up,the Facebook is somewhat up. The only thing left to do is to make  some buissness cards.

Sounds simple right? Well turns out Not so simple. I wanted the perfect card, that caught people’s eyes, and something that was uniquely me.

I searched several different sites, looking through all the different designs. I knew that I wanted purple to be on the card. Mainly because purple catches people’s eye. This took a few days, and a few hours dedicated to the great search.

I finally came across the perfect card. It was purple, and eye catching. Bonus: it matched my personality. I showed my husband and the moment he saw it he said it was perfect. 

After placing the order, it had felt so surreal. It was officially official. I started my own business and there was no going back. Not that I wanted to.