Resin review 

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, but I finally had a chance to do that resin review!! Just to catch you up in case this is the first time you are reading my post (thank you so much btw).

 One word that I will be using a lot is doming. When you done with resin that is the process to make a raised and rounded look on a piece.

So the last resin I had been using was called “easy cast. ( picture below)

I came across it at hobby lobby. I was super excited because it was a little cheaper then the other two resins that I like to use. So I figured you know I’ll give this a try. This resin has a one to one ratio, as well as having  to double stir.What I mean by double stir is you measure it and stir it and one cup then transfer it to another cup and stir  for an additional minute. 

With easy cast my items came out extremely bendy. When I would add colorant to the resin it felt like it didn’t fully cure with type of molds that I use I use molds that are thin,they are about a quarter inch thick. However with my deeper molds they hardened up just fine.

Demolding time 24 hours for a soft cure and 3 days for a full cure.

Pros: great for larger projects 

Cons: double mix, pigments alter the way it cures, horrible for doming.

The next resin that I used  is Little Windows Resin.

I absolutely love this resin, this was the resin that I had originally started using 2.5 years ago. It has a two to one ratio, low odor. For the bottles in the picture I paid $40, more or less.

You can de-mold pieces after 12 hours! That is crazy! It worked beautifully on my thinner molds. They were a little soft and slightly bendy but after a day they were completely solid.

Pros: demolding time, perfect for doming, pigments didn’t alter the way it cured. Non toxic.

Cons: two to one ratio.

Last resin that I used is ICE resin. 

This is another resin that I absolutely love!!!!  These bottles costed me $58 plus shipping. I have been using this resin for 2 years. (I’m very scared to try new things cause I hate wasting money if it doesn’t work.) This is a one to one mix ratio.

With this resin you can demolding your items after 10 hours, they may be a little soft, but that will go away in a day. This works well with my thin molds as well. The only thing that I noticed is if I used a liquid colorant vs a powder the curing process was effective. 

This resin is good for doming as long as you used a bezel.

Pros: demolding time, the one to one ratio.

Cons: liquid pigment alters curing time, can only dome with a bezel.
There you have it! This is my review on the resin products I use (I will not be using the easy cast again, since it doesn’t meet my crafting needs). Please keep in mind that this post is about my experience, and everyone’s may be different.


Resin rings!

So when i started working with resin I Had a friend ask me to make her a resin ring. I had no idea what what she was talking about. She had showed me a few pictures that she had found on pinterest, ok more than a few. I was fascinated with Livinlovin who makes beautiful  rings with flowers, and  smilewithflower who makes bulbous rings with flowers. Both are breath taking.

Now as you all know, I dont like coping other peoples work. I like to make my own creations. When my friend asked me to make her a resin ring, I honestly didn’t want to do it at first. Just for the main reason that I didn’t want to feel like I was coping someone. After a few months of her begging me to make her a ring  with gold flakes, I finally caved and agreed.

I bought a few molds, since I knew that this was going to be a one time project. I got my molds off of amazon, along with some type of gold flecks.


After mixing the resin and pouring it up. I quickly found out that this was not the project for me.  The first ring i poured up i spilled resin every where. The rest of the rings i decided to scoop the resin into the cavity, this was extremely time consuming. I noticed by the time i was getting to the end of scooping that the resin was setting a little.

Once they had set and been pulled from their molds, i noticed that some needed to be sanded. On the rings that were faceted they had a small lip.Once they got sanded and polished, I was in love. But not in love enough to make resin rings all the time. If I have some extra resin from a project I will definitely pour it into the ring molds.


Any idea on what to do with these resin rings?  I am thinking of putting them in a giveaway, I know for a fact I do not plan on selling them.


Bendy resin


In the past few weeks I have been making a lot more resin pieces with new molds that I have gotten. I have been using easy cast resin, and have not had any issues with this brand until now. I have been noticing that my pieces have been coming out really bendy. At first I thought it was because they had not fully cured. I had put them to the side and made a mental note to check on them in another day or so.


Making another batch and colored and poured them into  their molds, nothing out of the ordinary. When I went to release them, I noticed that this batch was also bendy. I was surprised because with my crazy home life I wasn’t able to de-mold them until a few days later.


Puzzled I went and made a third batch. I colored some of the resin, poured the colored and uncolored resin into molds, and also domed the back of a few bendy pendants. I was hopeful that this would help keep them more solid. Also wanting to find out if the colorants that I was using was the cause of the resin not being able to fully cure.  When I went to release them a few days later,they all came out bendy.Even the pendants that got domed


The end result of my bendy resin batch is I am going to switch back to another resin that I was using before hand. Not sure what I will do with the bendy pendants, but it will be epic!!!


SIDE NOTE: My etsy shop will be closed for a few months. The reason for this is so I can create some more items. I plan on re-opening  in June. The few items up at the moment will stay until they get bought or their listing time expires.