Resin review 

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, but I finally had a chance to do that resin review!! Just to catch you up in case this is the first time you are reading my post (thank you so much btw).

 One word that I will be using a lot is doming. When you done with resin that is the process to make a raised and rounded look on a piece.

So the last resin I had been using was called “easy cast. ( picture below)

I came across it at hobby lobby. I was super excited because it was a little cheaper then the other two resins that I like to use. So I figured you know I’ll give this a try. This resin has a one to one ratio, as well as having  to double stir.What I mean by double stir is you measure it and stir it and one cup then transfer it to another cup and stir  for an additional minute. 

With easy cast my items came out extremely bendy. When I would add colorant to the resin it felt like it didn’t fully cure with type of molds that I use I use molds that are thin,they are about a quarter inch thick. However with my deeper molds they hardened up just fine.

Demolding time 24 hours for a soft cure and 3 days for a full cure.

Pros: great for larger projects 

Cons: double mix, pigments alter the way it cures, horrible for doming.

The next resin that I used  is Little Windows Resin.

I absolutely love this resin, this was the resin that I had originally started using 2.5 years ago. It has a two to one ratio, low odor. For the bottles in the picture I paid $40, more or less.

You can de-mold pieces after 12 hours! That is crazy! It worked beautifully on my thinner molds. They were a little soft and slightly bendy but after a day they were completely solid.

Pros: demolding time, perfect for doming, pigments didn’t alter the way it cured. Non toxic.

Cons: two to one ratio.

Last resin that I used is ICE resin. 

This is another resin that I absolutely love!!!!  These bottles costed me $58 plus shipping. I have been using this resin for 2 years. (I’m very scared to try new things cause I hate wasting money if it doesn’t work.) This is a one to one mix ratio.

With this resin you can demolding your items after 10 hours, they may be a little soft, but that will go away in a day. This works well with my thin molds as well. The only thing that I noticed is if I used a liquid colorant vs a powder the curing process was effective. 

This resin is good for doming as long as you used a bezel.

Pros: demolding time, the one to one ratio.

Cons: liquid pigment alters curing time, can only dome with a bezel.
There you have it! This is my review on the resin products I use (I will not be using the easy cast again, since it doesn’t meet my crafting needs). Please keep in mind that this post is about my experience, and everyone’s may be different.


DIY…. Jewelry Display Boards


Hello every one!! Im doing my first DIY post!!! These are some display boards that I had made for my craft fair. (today was the first day of the craft fair, and the other vendors  loved my displays) I made a total of 4 boards, these instructions will be for one board. Duplicate for as many you may need!

Items needed:

  • Peg board, any size will do, I used 30 x 23.5
  • 2- 19 inch wooden legs ( 1 x 1.5 board)
  • 2- 4 inch pieces of wood (1 x 1.5 board)
  •  2- Hinges
  • 4- small screws
  • 6- long screws
  • Spray paint, any color
  • Acrylic paint, any color
  • Skill Saw
  • Ruler
  • Paint brush
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits


Start out with the peg board. You can have the board be a square, or you can cut the corners off for a more decorative feel.  Take the two 4 inches pieces of wood and space them 10 inches apart on the front of the board, Make a few marks to show the position that they will be in.  To figure out the position needed to space them out in the back is when you place  the block on the front of the board, count how many holes down, and across, move the block to the back and screw into place, buy using the guide on the front.  Use 3 large screws for each.img_2191

Once both blocks are in place, attach the hinges. I measured the legs to be about 15 inches apart. Since my hinges are the same width as my legs, I measured  hinge to hinge. Once they are secured to the main board, screw in the legs . Stand them up to make sure they are sturdy.




Next comes the fun part!  Spray pant them any color that you want! I took the legs off for this part, and did front and back. That is something that you can decide . I wanted the legs of my boards to be alternate colors, so I had painted them separately with acrylic paint.



I have a black boarder around my displays, that I painted on with acrylic paint. Make your boards to match you!

Here is the finished product! You can also use dowel rods as pegs to hang jewelry with.