First giveaway 

So I’m super excited! I’m doing my first giveaway. The necklace I’ll be giving to the winner is a gothic style cross with maroon tips and a champagne color that’s frosted over. There are a total of 10 beads, 6 clear glass beads and 4 mother of pearl round shell beads. 

Along with being super excited,Worry accompanies this feeling. Mainly because Im terrified that only 10 people will enter. This is just my anxiety kicking in. 

I am confident that this giveaway will be a success on getting Little Links out there and more people aware of my etsy shop.


End of September 

It’s the end of another business month! So now I’m just going through what I’ve done this past month, thinking of things that I can do for next month.

Before I get into telling you all that, I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog posts, like my posts on Instagram, and taking the time to comment.

I have featured  $2 necklaces, I did 2 coupon codes on etsy. I have joined a few groups on Facebook to help promote little links.

For the month of September my store has had a total of 165 views. On Instagram I have 76 followers, and on WordPress I have 14 followers.

Once again thank you all!


Whats going on.

So this past week has been so horrible. I had gotten sick with this horrible head thing. My sinuses were plugged and so much pressure is there, my ears are clogged and I cant hear anything. So my poor kids and husband have been dealing with me yelling (or at least i feel like i am yelling). I have not really done any type of social media for little links cause i have just felt so crumby. So basically my life stopped, all i did was go into my paying job and come home.

So nothing really exciting happening with Little Links Jewelry .I did start thinking about doing weekly updates. and since this is kinda like an update the next one i will put up will be the next Wednesday. That way i can have more to bring to you guys.

I am feeling better and Ill talk you you guys next time!


I did it!

So after i was able to get past my panicking of getting my “about me” page up for etsy. I was ready to rock and roll. I was ready to start posting what products i have. I was ready for the world to see me at my most vulnerable. I was in a sense naked to the world.

I had no idea what to post first, so i decided to take my favorite pieces and put those up first. Well the only problem with that was. I like everything i make. Ok maybe not everything. Out of everything that I have made I believe that I don’t like 5 of the things that i have made. So I chose a few things i had made when I started a few years ago, as well as a few things that i had made recently.

The Descriptions were a little difficult for me. I was having a hard time describing what was in front of me. I was trying to ask myself questions that a costumer would ask me. I was sounding so cheesy, but my words are one of the ways that i can make someone looking at my page understand what they could possibly be holding if they decide to purchase some thing.

I will admit when i would read a description, my reaction was “who talks like that?” or “who have i become?” all in joking fun of course. I vowed no negative thoughts this second time around.

But now my store is up, now all i have to do is kick back and watch my stuff fly out of my store. WRONG!!!!!!!!  I have a long way to go, and i now know that i will not be able to kick back. Im the one who has to put in the hard work, and I know it will pay off one day. 


Etsy about me Page

So here I am doing research on how to run an etsy store. I’m reading everything I can find on Pinterest, and Google. Honestly that’s all I really know how to use. I’m reading  tips and tricks for your etsy business. I’m taking notes as well as having amazing ideas on what to do for promotions and I’m feeling pretty confident.

Then comes the part where I have to write an about me page. I first thought I could do it. It’s going to be easy right? I was so so wrong. I get to the about me section and my mind goes completely blank, I have no idea what to write about myself! The. I come to the realization I’m a really boring person on paper. It’s at this point I’m having a complete panic attack. I’m trying to figure out how to explain who i am, with out sounding like a total fake or a total crazy person. Those were the two extremes in my head.

I couldn’t put anything better then what was already up there. which was : “My name is Cher i like to craft:

Totally lame, and i couldnt think of anything better, Maybe a few colorful adjectives (ah ah do you see what if did there ). Then finally i had my ah ha moment. I was in the middle of sanding my pieces for my pendants , i knew what to say. I Jumped on the computed and let the words flow from my finger tips to the screen.

It turned out so amazing!!!!! To be honest im not sure how many people go and check out the about page at etsy. I will admit i never did. Now that i know what a challenge it was foe me. I am definitely going to start checking out the about pages for the shops that i frequently check out.

Feel free to check it out, Please let me know what you think!



Failing VS. being a failure

After my first go around with etsy, life decided to give me everything at once. I found out i was pregnant with our second child. I had ended up injuring my wrist, to the point where i had to quite beading for a few months. It was a total bummer, i mean the one thing that i had enjoyed and had helped me with my anxiety, i wasn’t able to do.  So for the first trimester I was basically the laziest woman on the planet. Once my physical therapist said that i was able to bead, I spent the rest of my pregnancy  beading and making jewelry.


I had noticed that the things that were being created were starting to take up space.  I was running out of places to store my Sterilite containers. Everyone who knew me had asked me why I didn’t sell my stuff online. I had came up with many excuses, most of them being negative and doubtful of my pieces. I mean these are things that i created and i was proud of them, but i was so embarrassed by my failure. It damaged what little ego I had at the time. I even remember saying “ oh they are not that good, no one would want to get them.”  I knew that the real reason was cause the last time I had tried It I failed.


Who likes failing at anything? Who likes that feeling? I know that I don’t. In my mindset at the time i was convinced that out of sight out of mind, i so much better at other things that this etsy shop at the time didn’t matter.


Here is the thing, There is a difference between failing and being a failure. Being a failure means that you have given up, something didn’t work so you just gave up with the issue still being present. Failing is when you have not been able to do the task at hand, and you do everything  to problem solve so you can get to the ideal end result.
After learning that main difference, I decided to try opening up my etsy shop, I set a deadline for events to happen. Plans were getting put into motion, but that is for another time.