Announcement 2018

Wow, I cant believe that my last post was almost 6 months ago.  Well a lot has been going on in the workshop part of Little Links. I have been creating new and original items.

I have an announcement. I will be at this years 2018 new mexico tattoo convention. A lot of new items will be available there first.

Some new items that will be added to the store in July,  will be Trinket boxes, Key chains, Dragon necklaces, Rose necklaces. That is just to name a few.

I have been concentrating a lot on my Sugar skull pendants and I am very happy with the result. Im supper excited that all the hard work is paying off and these pendants are just coming out so beautifully.

I really hope that you guys love the new items just as much as I do. Pictures to come soon

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Small pep talk to myself (weekly update #6)

Hello everyone! First off I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that is following me on my journey navigating through trying to make my jewelry crafting into a business.

Over this past week i have done a lot of reflection. I have found that my ambitions and my wants to be a successful business entrepreneur have well, not been so easy. I do understand that it was going to be hard to start out, i just didn’t think that it would be THIS hard. My main goal was to see if i was able to sell my creations. What i have learned that in the past 6 months, what i thought (hoped) would happen, hasn’t happened. Thats OK, I need to keep telling myself this.

There are other reasons why you decided to start this journey! You wanted to try to break out of your shy, inverted shell. You wanted to be able to connect with people. Right now that is what you are doing, your putting yourself out there. Your putting a small part of yourself into your jewelry. Your reaching a small number of people with your blog posts. You have a Facebook page that is slowly getting likes. You have made a total of 4 sales. Yeah its only 4, But its something!



Weekly update #4

Wow, this is way late! So the past two weeks have been super crazy.

I put the tutorial up for the display boards. I have been writing some descriptions. I have also gone through and repriced some items.

I have also registered for 2 craft fairs , but I have only got confermation for one.

The last craft fair I didn’t do so well, but I did have fun. My sister in law went with me and helped me.


End of September 

It’s the end of another business month! So now I’m just going through what I’ve done this past month, thinking of things that I can do for next month.

Before I get into telling you all that, I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog posts, like my posts on Instagram, and taking the time to comment.

I have featured  $2 necklaces, I did 2 coupon codes on etsy. I have joined a few groups on Facebook to help promote little links.

For the month of September my store has had a total of 165 views. On Instagram I have 76 followers, and on WordPress I have 14 followers.

Once again thank you all!


First weekly update 

So last week I said that I was going to to start letting everyone know what the past week has gone.

I thought I would try to glaze resin pieces cause I noticed some of my pieces have gotten a little dull. 

I came across a YouTube video about glazing charms. I really liked the way it made the persons charms look. They looked totally amazing ( here is the link of the video I’m talking about http://youtu.be/Lk1yIYSXJNo )

I only did one pendant cause I was terrified if it didn’t work and they would be ruined. I followed the tutorial exactly. After I put the duraclear coat on I was a little concerned because you could  still see the brush strokes. After it dried I got the floor cleaner ready. I will not lie, It smells like cat litter that hadn’t been changed in forever! I dunked the pendant in the floor cleaner, put it up to dry.

I checked the pendant, and I loved the way it shined but I was not a fan of being able to see the brush strokes. My husband did suggest dunking the pendant in the glaze. I will give that a try.

I also found a new mold that I will be trying soon. I’m mainly working on using the resin pieces I have before I start making more( I think I have a resin obsession). I also bought some more chain to make necklaces.

I found some adjustable rings in my supplies.I added some heart charms to. I’m thinking about making the rings available as a customizable item in my stay store. I will be working on that at the moment.

That is what my past week entailed. I hope everyone had a great week.