Facebook live

So lately I have been trying to get more attention on social media One of the things that I have been trying is Facebook live there is only one downfall to this Facebook live thing is it notifies your followers but it’s really hard for someone to cross your live video as far as new people.Then I think maybe I’m not using the Facebook live correctly or maybe I’m not labeling my videos correctly. 

When I go on my personal Facebook page to look at other Facebook live feed I always see our people who have millions of followers or thousands of people watching that video at that moment. The other videos that show up are videos that are not live.

Take for example that giraffe that was giving birth I don’t even know if she’s had the baby yet but I know that it was going on for a few days and there was over x-amount of people viewing so how do I find something like to captivate people to watch? Should I just make longer videos?Should I change the titles to something different? I mean I know this Facebook live is new to everybody and everybody’s using it at the moment. I just want to try to use the tools that are available to me. When I use these tools it seems like it’s a dead end and what I’m trying to do was build my followers and people who like my jewelry.

What are your guys thoughts on Facebook live? Are any of you guys having the same concerns?